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New Year Resolutions

Posted on: 12th Jan 2016 by: Ann Pettengell

We all make them, because it feels good to have a plan doesn't it.  But how many of us actually see them through?  There is a way around it though - pick an easy one and complete it asap.  Let us help you with a few ideas..

1. Update your CV.  Look back over 2015 and all of the new skills and experience you have acquired and ensure they are included.  Tailor it for the industry you are hoping to work in.  If necessary, update the look and feel of the whole document.

2. Refresh your cover letter - although you will be personalising it for every job you apply for, make sure the basic template highlights your best skills and shows your personality.

3. Create a reminder to check our website on a regular basis and contact the relevant consultant each time you see a role you would like to be considered for.

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