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Newsletter: March 2015

Posted on: 19th Mar 2015 by: Ann Pettengell


Spring clean your CV

Spring is nearly here!  On March 20th to be precise.  A good time to include your CV in your big Spring Clean.  If you're not sure where to start, why not take a quick look at our CV Hints and Tips and follow the link to our CV template.

Interview Dos

Research the company.  Practice your answers.  Read the job description and person spec - it is highly likely that they will be asking you to give examples of how you match these.  Then get an early night.
Keep it smart
It's always important to dress smartly for an interview, even if the business has a relaxed dress code. Make sure you have clean and tidy hair, polished shoes, well-fitting clothes, and keep your fragrances and accessories subtle. 
Do you have any questions?
The answer should always be Yes, as this shows your interest in the company and position.  Prepare as many as you can in advance and ask about the role, the company and its culture, the team,  etc.

Be on time
First impressions really do count.  You don’t want that impression to be of you running into Reception, late and flustered and giving excuses.  Work out your journey route in advance and give yourself plenty of time to travel – do a trial run a few days before if you can.  Be polite and friendly with everyone you meet.
As long as you have prepared properly you’re going to be just fine.  It is perfectly ok to ask for clarification if you’re unsure of exactly what they’re asking you.  And take your time before rushing in with an answer - considered answers are always best.  Speak clearly, smile, and remember that they might be nervous too.  Finally, remember to breeeathe. 
Further tips can be found here


Interview Don'ts

Don't be late

Don't be negative about a previous role or employer - it shows a lack of loyalty.  There are tactful ways to explain every situation.

Don't fidget.  It's very hard to focus on what somebody is saying when their leg is bouncing, their foot is tapping, or they are constantly wriggling in their seat.

Don't forget to call us afterwards with your feedback.  Your opinion is important to us.


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