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Staff Inductions

Posted on: 22nd Dec 2015 by: Ann Pettengell


Once the interviews are done and dusted and you have secured your favourite candidate, what happens next?  If you want your new starters to understand the company goals and values (and their role within it) they will need a comprehensive induction.

Inductions aren't just about ensuring your legal obligation of highlighting health and safety issues have been covered.  This will be your new employers' first proper impression of life within your company, so it's a great opportunity to reinforce their decision to come and work for you and show that you are happy to invest in them from day one.

Good induction training plans should feature an element of contact with current staff.  Working relationships are the means by which everything gets done, problems get solved, and excellent service is delivered.  These should be promoted and encouraged.  If your talented employees know what is expected of them from the start they are more likely to succeed in their roles.

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