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Newsletter: April 2015

Posted on: 15th Apr 2015 by: Ann Pettengell

Getting the most out of your agency

Meeting: We ask to meet you so we can fully understand your needs, ambitions and motivations – which are an important part of finding a job that makes you happy.  It’s also a chance to fully discuss the current vacancies, current job market, and any recommendations we feel will assist you.  The meeting is also a chance for you to find out about us – how we can help and represent you - and you need to be confident that we are the right people to do that for you.
Tests: We carry out IT assessments to ensure that we are not underestimating your IT skills.  It also helps us match you to jobs at the right level of technical abilities.  We are unable to put you forward for roles without having evidence of your IT skills, so it really is in your best interest to complete these when we send them.
CV: Always send us an updated CV (in Word format) if there are any changes to your skills and/or experiences.  That most recent piece of experience might just be what gets you the job.  
Keep in touch: If any of your preferences change, if you would like to know more about an interesting job on our website, if you’ve just had an interview and have some feedback – get in touch.  We will always have time to speak to you.


Flex Appeal

Working on a temporary basis is part of many people’s career paths. More than one in three people (36%) in Great Britain have worked as a contractor, freelancer or agency worker at some point in their career, and 41% are considering working that way in the future. 


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