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Newsletter: January 2015

Posted on: 29th Jan 2015 by: Ann Pettengell

New Year, New Job.  You're ready.  But is your CV?

Apparently, the average CV is only looked at for 10 seconds.  Doesn't sound like much does it. So how do you make sure yours gets a second look?  The answer is KEYWORDS. 

We all hope that our CV stands out, is memorable, and that our Recruitment Consultants will think of us every time a new vacancy arises.  They do try to, but they will also search their database for CVs containing relevant Keywords. The same applies to any internet job sites you have loaded your CV onto.  A Consultant will take the keywords from a job specification and search the database for matches.  Obviously the keywords depend on the role in question, but here are a few tips to follow:

Take a look at advertisements for your desired job and pick the keywords that come up the most often. These are the keywords you need to include in your CV.

Use the proper job title.  It’s no use saying you were a ‘Logistics and Lifestyle Manager’ when Recruiters will be searching for the phrase ‘PA’.

What have they asked for?  Mirror the phrases used by the job advertisement.  If it says the role entails Diary Management make sure you use that exact phrase in place of e.g. Booking meetings.

See our CV Hints and Tips page for more help.


Pension Reform - what does it mean?

The Government's Pension Reform means that by 2018 every UK worker will be entitled to be enrolled in a pension scheme.

At Ann Pettengell we will begin the process for our Temporary Contractors in April this year.  We will apply a waiting period of three months before enrolling you onto the pension scheme, although you will have the choice to opt in straight away if you prefer. However, we will write to all of our candidates with further details before taking any action.

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