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Newsletter: June 2015

Posted on: 9th Jun 2015 by: Ann Pettengell

Summer Work-Wear

It can be pretty difficult to stick to the company dress code when the temperature rises, but you still need to dress in a manner which is suitable and appropriate to your employer’s industry and corporate culture.  A safe bet is to maintain your winter dress code but choose lighter fabrics.  If you have a company handbook – check it for the company dress code.  If there are no such rules, take a look at the authority figures and dress to a similar level.
Just remember not to be so revealing that you may cause embarrassment to colleagues.  As a general rule, if you would wear it to the beach then it’s not appropriate for the office.
P.S.  This is England, so a cardigan and brolly in your bag is always a clever move.


We're all going on a...

If you're lucky, you'll be off on a jolly holiday in the not-too-distant future.  

Before you go please don't forget to submit your holiday request form (available in our Temp Tool Kit).  Please request your holiday at least one week prior to the commencement date and make sure your client contact is aware and has agreed the time off.  


Dear John

Yours sincerely, Ann Pettengell

Growing up in a digital world of informal emails and abbreviated text messages, the majority of correspondence for the new work generation has been done this way.  Whilst a relaxed and friendly approach is welcomed among friends and even colleagues, it’s not always appropriate when corresponding with clients and business contacts.
We review and evaluate all of the communications we have with our candidates to ensure they are the right calibre for an office environment, and that they know how to represent our clients professionally.  It’s something worth keeping in mind before starting your next email with an informal ‘Hey’.


Preparation is everything

'Before anything else, preparation is the key to success' (Alexander Graham Bell).
We agree with Alex, which is why we're showing you the 50 most common interview questions to help you prepare for interview.


Your Feedback

"Thank you ever so much for everything. If I ever need to find work in the future I will definitely contact you. Also if anyone ever asks I will recommend your agency to them."  - Neza
It has been our pleasure Neza.

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