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Newsletter: September 2015

Posted on: 10th Sep 2015 by: Ann Pettengell

If I Were 22

For some of us, 22 is further away than we care to remember.  For others it's just the beginning of an exciting decade.  Wherever it lies, we can all learn valuable life and career lessons from those who have been there and done it and made a success.



Legally, your previous employer only has to confirm that you did work for them between the dates you have stated.  That doesn't mean that's all they tell us.  Despite their limited legal requirements many employers are more than happy to provide extra information on their previous employees including efficiency, integrity, whether they would re-employ or rather not employ, etc.  We can actually get quite a clear picture of a candidate from a relatively small reference.  Additionally, your ability to provide accurate information also tells us something about your aptitude.

To this end we can't stress enough how important it is for you to provide the correct information on dates and contact details.  If we are unable to obtain references and verify your past employment for your new employer there is always the chance the they will retract their offer, or offer the other candidate instead.

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