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Not-So Smart Tech

Posted on: 10th Dec 2015 by: Ann Pettengell

Not-So Smart Tech

In this age of technology it's not uncommon for intelligent, smart graduates to have no experience in the art of letter-writing.  They have grown up in a digital world of emails and text messages and pretty much all of their correspondence has been done this way.  Email messages are usually briefer and less formal than letters, and text messages are abbreviated at every opportunity.  Proper paragraph formation and appropriate addressing of the recipient are completely overlooked.

Whilst a relaxed and friendly approach is often welcomed amongst colleagues, it's not always appropriate when corresponding with your clients and business partners.  That's where we come in.  We review and evaluate all of the communications we have with our candidates to ensure that they are the right calibre for an office environment, and make sure that they know how to represent you professionally.

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