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Why Use a Recruitment Agency?

Posted on: 15th Dec 2015 by: Ann Pettengell


Recruitment can be a costly and time-consuming exercise: advertising, reading through applications, short-listing, interviewing, and - if you haven't found the right one - doing it all again.  There is one way to avoid all the hard work - let us do it for you.

Why us?  Well, we know that when it comes to recruitment one size doesn't fit all.  We understand business and we understand talent.  We know the right candidates to help your business move forward.

Market Knowledge

We have a wealth of market knowledge.  Having spent the last 30 years getting to know the businesses of Cambridgeshire we have a broad understanding of the needs and requirements of your industry.  We can therefore help you pitch your vacancy to attract the right calibre of candidate.

Candidate Attraction

We advertise our vacancies across a range of national and local job boards which enables us to attract a much wider pool of candidates.  If the applications we then receive don't match our expectations for you, we will invest time in sourcing further candidates ourselves.


We take great care in our candidates screening, ensuring that we can determine personal qualities as well as professional.  We have taken the time to establish exactly what you need and we endeavour to find just that.  The candidates we then pass you to review are more credible because we have screened them so thoroughly, so when you get to interview you know you are only interviewing high-calibre candidates.

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